When to start planning a wedding

Most of you have experienced the moment when you wanted something very very badly and you did not get it. Tickets, a lollipop, clearance sale shoes. It’s the same with photographers but also churches, hotels and so on. When you like something, the others most likely like it too.

In case you live in a big city, there’s a high probability that the summer dates will have more prospects as free venues / churches / photographers… 

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The best photographers are booked a year or two ahead. Since the photos (and video) are the only memories of a wedding that remain, it is essential to choose a skilled and qualified photographer (filmmaker).

Magic dates are the most popular through out the year. High season in Europe starts in May and ends late September. More and more couples opt for April and October lately, but those months are a lottery. You could sunbath in the beginning of April 2012, but it was snowing a year later. 

svadba par krasna

I recommend to start right after the engagement, or after setting the date for your wedding. Do not hesitate to contact two or three photographers and other suppliers so you know they are free and you know their prices. This is vital for your wedding budget plan. When contacting a photographer, ask about their ideas, experience, gear and make a tentative booking for a week or two so you can compare and choose the best. 

You will most probably marry once in your life and all your friends and relatives will ask you for the photos. And be honest, you want all those facebook likes 😉 

The answer to the question of when to start planning a wedding and looking for a wedding photographer, is as soon as possible.

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