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Dear visitors. My name is Karol and I’m a photographer. I take pictures since approx. 2000. I concentrate on weddings, company events, team building events, reports and portraits.

I’m a Nikon user. The decision fell back in 2005 when I had to choose between Canon and Nikon and the second one felt like an extension of my eye. Most photographers never change a system due to the costs associated with the change. I’ve came a long way since my D70, currently shooting mainly with D3s & D750, but I also have a D3200, D300 and an F70 35mm film camera. I hope I’ll be able to get the new D5 as soon as possible :)

svadobne wedding hochzeit foto karol achberger

How did I get to photographing weddings? I worked at a corporation with couple hundred¬†colleagues that knew I’m taking pictures. One of them asked me if I would risk it and take photos of her wedding. They turn out great and a friend of hers ask me to do her wedding and so the word spread and I was in the business.

Blog will be filled with important information for the engaged, helpful advices for fellow photographers and I’ll write some also about the hardware. I hope to help you answer all your questions, prepare you on the D day and help to establish a great cooperation between the couple and a photographer ending with awesome photos.

I’ll try to add a post a week. So, let’s get it on!

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