Theatre Anna Saavedra: Smokers & Saviors

I was asked a couple years ago to shoot a theatre play (Maxim Gorky: Summerfolk) for a friend of mine, a student of acting  ( I enjoyed it a lot, they liked my photos and therefore I was called to shoot also this play.

Anna Saavedra is a young Czech writer & author who wrote this play for National Moravian-Silesian Theatre ( It has been awarded the Evald Schorm award for original play. The play is about a family of three sisters and a brother who’s father was a huge fan of Russia, a Russophile. They are pretty, intelligent, have good education and sense for humour, each of them is different and they all smoke. That’s why nobody wants to be with them. So they wait for Mr. right and go through their own and very different struggles.

I loved this play. And I love to shoot theatre play. I hope I will have more opportunities to shoot them in the future.

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