Svaty Jur Patron Celebrations 2014

The city of Svaty Jur holds festivities to celebrate their patron, the Saint George. They last from Friday afternoon to Sunday evening.

I was a part of the organisational team for a couple of years and therefore I will introduce you to the atmosphere that prevails at this event. I believe that motivates you and you will attend and enjoy the festivities. I chose only a handful of photos to show you that the festivities are for everybody no matter of their interests or hobbies.

The main square inhabits the main stage, in addition to the ubiquitous stands with food and carnival crap. It accommodates performances of musicians and dancers, and the Sunday afternoon it all belongs to kindergarten kids of Svaty Jur. The art of amateur theatre J.U.R.T.A. and concerts of lesser-known alternative bands are held in Scheidlin’s garden. You can find and also shoot some arrows in the Palffy mansion where Vinedi archers camp. In addition to this, you can visit various exhibitions, taste fine wines, take a ride on the carousel, cheer football players or compete with RC Models on one of the best tracks of Slovakia. If you get up early on Saturday, you will enjoy fried fish or maybe try to pitch a target with fish-hook in Jursky Sur at the lake.

As you can see, there’s a lot going on in Svaty Jur during that weekend. I’ll try to show all the attractions in this and following galleries. Enjoy the first batch.

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